Your Life Is Your Mirror

You feel satisfied, waking up happy to begin a new day, excited for what might be waiting for you. The different aspects of your life (work, relationships, hobbies, etc.) are stimulating to you and bring you satisfaction, even the hitches that might appear along the way. You have the sensation of being the owner of your life, a fulfilling life. Great! It is obvious that you are in your own way, that one that will take you to the expression of your potential and will fill you with satisfactions!

If that’s not the case, your situation can be anywhere on a grey scale. You may feel full and satisfied in some aspects of your life, while in others you just manage to get by. It may be that some particular aspect weighs you down, or you may even feel really bad about it. The opposite extreme to the optimal case would be when you don’t feel fine about any of the aspects of your life and, as if that were not enough, everything goes wrong (something that tends to happen in these cases).

If you wonder (if you have the courage to wonder!) if you are doing the best you could be doing with your life, you just have to have a look at it and at yourself. Is there an aspect of your life where you just manage to get by, that is more “heavy” or you feel really “bad” about? Do you feel satisfied with the different aspects of your life?


Are you really happy with your life?

Experience has clearly shown me that Life always points out to you if you are in the best place you could be. When the time comes to make a change it shows you with a caress, with a soft sensation, like a hope or a dream of improving as you go. When you remain stuck in the same situation, without paying much attention to your dreams and hopes, it is like a tap on the shoulder… you don’t feel so fine now, it begins to be heavy. If you keep ignoring the situation, the signs will become hard punches! You’ll feel really bad and probably some nasty circumstances will come along.

Your life always points out to you when is the moment to undertake a change. This change doesn’t always have to be a major restructuring. In many cases it is just about small adjustments, small course corrections that will allow you to adapt that aspect (whether it’s work, relationship, activity or whatever) to your reality. It is amazing how, simply by listening to yourself and adjusting some aspects, suddenly everything is bright again.

In other cases, a bigger change is needed.

How and towards where?

Dream. Dare to dream. What would you like?

Have the courage to think about it as something possible.


“They wouldn’t have given you the capacity to dream without also giving you the possibility of making your dreams come true”

(Hector Tassinari, adaptation)


I know it’s true. Believe it too!


To your authentic expression,


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