You Know What You Want?


Because if you don’t know what you want you can’t have it.

To find out what you exactly want is the very first step of the journey that will lead you to success. To an authentic and powerful success.

To know what you really want is not as simple as it seems, because we’re not talking about your mind’s desires but about your deepest longings. That doesn’t mean your mind’s desires aren’t worth, they really are, and you have to take them into account and integrate them. The way to your joy is to take the steps needed to fulfill your deep desires.


Know. Clarify. Act. Have.

To have what you want, to be who you want to be, there isn’t enough with fuzzy ideas. You need a clear image of it. You need to be very honest with yourself about every aspect of life. And you have to allow yourself to dream.

Engaging with your dreams is scary for many people. Dreams are often being cut off just after smelling them because of fear –unconscious fear, of course. Realizing your deepest desires is scary because of many reasons, but probably the main two are: 1) becoming aware you aren’t happy and 2) having to change in order to reach your dreams. Your mind will argue as much as it can to avoid any of these –and trust me, your mind “can” a lot. Its ways are sometimes so subtle you just don’t realize its resistance.

You are the only responsible of your life. You can get what you want and need. You have all the power inside you to get the life you want. You have the real possibility to have a happy, successful and peaceful life. Listen to your soul and be committed to make your dreams come true.


To your authentic expression,


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Hola, soy Marta Ayuso, coach transformacional. Estoy aquí para ayudarte a sacar a la luz la mujer increíblemente brillante que eres - y a conseguir de paso tu Vida perfecta. Puedes leer más sobre mi aquí.

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