What limits your reality?

Your reality is the result of what you dare to desire drained through the strainer of what you believe is possible.


So if there is any aspect in your life that is not satisfactory, you can go to the heart of the matter considering what would you really like and finding out which beliefs are rooted on you that don’t allow it to come true.

Those are two major tasks, and much more complex than they seem. First because nobody has ever encouraged us to identify the dreams that are really important for us: our own dreams. Although, if we are honest and take courage enough, we know which they are.

Second because we are so imbued with limiting beliefs that it is so difficult to realize that they are not solid realities, but simple opinions set as truths (to wonder “by whom” and “why” would be very pertinent – no conspiracy theory, just human and social history plus some media + economic manipulation).

For example, let’s analyze one of those “wise” popular sayings: “Be careful what you wish for”. What is that telling us?

  1. Beware, pay attention, be alert, in tension.
  2. Wishes are potentially dangerous.
  3. A wish come true may be a threat to what you have and know.

In the end, it stimulates fears at the sight of a wish. Fear of losing something, of some undefined peril. Is there any better way to kill a dream?


Wishes are a necessary phase to be able to get where you want.

Be it be happy, be more conscious, a more satisfying life, help people, whatever. There are kind of three stages. To do any thing, it all begins with an inner dream, a yearning, subtle but insistent. When we are conscious enough of it, and if we dare to, it becomes a wish or desire. If we are courageous, then we’ll try to make that desire come true.

The saying at hand, though, kills the process of creating the reality we dream of in the second stage. Other beliefs kill it in the first stage and even more in the third). Now, imagine the worst scenario you could face in trying to make an essential dream come true and tell me what do you prefer:

  1. To try to make that essential dream come true. To put your hopes, make the effort. To find out it wasn’t as you expected. To have spend time and energy. To have broken the molds of people around you, and probably some of your own too. To see what it has meant to you, to assess what you’ve won and what you’ve lost. To have gone beyond your former limits and comfort zone. To have committed for something really important for you.


  1. Do nothing. Keep having a dream, let it get dust, hide it. Let fear abort any dream or desire. Even be ready to kill the dream because it is dangerous. To go on as you are indefinitely.


Our society, and each one of us, is dominated by beliefs that encourage fears of lost and the preservation of the status quo. They cut from the root the possibility of being what we would like to be. What we could really be.

Who could you be if you didn’t believe everything you believe?


To your authentic expression


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