The Path Goes On

Jour job doesn’t fulfill you. You know you are not in the right place.


You know you can bring much more, you feel it inside you. Your job is safe, but it’s not worth to fade away a bit more every day. Your soul is yearning to express itself, to develop its potential, to bring and contribute with its gifts.

That feeling may be growing inside you, or may come and go, but it’s getting stronger. As it grows, the disgust about your job grows bigger too, but the lack of a concrete and clear plan to hold on to immobilizes you. The ideas and sensations you have are too hazy to be tempting, even though you know that behind them there is a promise of something much better. Something that comes from the deepest parts of your self and can bring you authentic joy and satisfaction.

It’s important that you understand everything is alright. Time ago you got where you are now because it was your way. If you remember that time carefully, you’ll recall the fears of those moments. To get where you are now you went through some barriers and faced some fears. You did it, and it went alright.

Now it may be the moment of another step. There are fears, and they may be bigger than they were. The more your desire gets closer to your authentic expression, the bigger your fears will be. Because your soul doesn’t provide you a plan in advance, or any guarantee. It just tells you the direction for your authentic expression. It just lets you sense the very next step. The magic lies in how, every step you make, the horizon grows bigger and you can see one step further.


Take the Leap


Obviously your mind and your ego will laugh about the “sense” of the next step. They just will describe the “suggestion” from irrational to irresponsible, with any adjective between them you may think of.

But, you know? All that is just fear. Fear and lack of confidence.

It takes a lot of confidence in the universe, in your soul, to follow your personal path. But remember. What happened every time you dared to try? What happened every time you took a deep breath and you made the step? And how did you feel after that?

There is nothing in this world that brings us the satisfaction, the fulfillment, the light, the peace, that brings us to do what our soul asks us to. Every time it takes a leap of faith. And every time it rewards us above our expectations. To do what you’ve come to do expands you.

The only thing you can be sure about is that fear, and every decision that comes from it, won’t make you grow nor fulfill you.

If you know your job isn’t your calling; if you want to express everything you have inside of you; if you want a career that you’ll enjoy every day, and you are ready to do what it takes to discover it, do the next step!


To your authentic expression,


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Hola, soy Marta Ayuso, coach transformacional. Estoy aquí para ayudarte a sacar a la luz la mujer increíblemente brillante que eres - y a conseguir de paso tu Vida perfecta. Puedes leer más sobre mi aquí.

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