The Leader You Are, and the One Which You Are Not

Let me introduce you the worst of leaders: me. Or at least, so I was it until I found what was really meaningful to me. I can’t help feeling ashamed when I remember some of my “performances” and my general behavior as a leader when I was in the last company I worked for. At least now, I can say that I’m kindly ashamed of myself, because now I understand what was up with me.


What doesn’t work

I asked from myself something like “do everything, do it right and do it now!” And more or less, that was what I asked from my colleagues too. Where was my self left in that scheme is obvious: nowhere. My self (my needs, my whishes,..) didn’t count on my considerations about work, and so extended the same thought pattern to the rest of the team. And that’s exactly how my leadership was: demanding and empty. Translation: no leadership at all. I could clearly see that. I thought “I’m not made for this”.

I used to do everything for my work and sacrifice (almost) anything to do it “right”. Working late, take on my responsibilities and a lot of other ones which weren’t mine, … Well, sure you recognize the profile. The interesting thing was that I didn’t realize that sacrificing (almost) everything meant that I was sacrificing my own leadership too. Leaving my self out of the equation, I was leaving outside the leader that’s in me.

It was necessary to find what’s really authentic inside of me to find at the same time the powerful leader that I am. Just from my truth, from what’s really important to me, from my dream and my passion, could arise those qualities that, frankly, I didn’t believe I had.


The Authentic Leader You Are

You lost the leader you have inside of you the day you erased yourself from the script. You aren’t a “this style” leader nor “that other one”. Nobody can teach you how to be a leader. You ARE a powerful leader when you are yourself and you lead the way for what’s important for you, in your inner terms.

Your leadership is completely linked to your authenticity and to that thing you believe in.

The leader you are not? Any other one.

Reclaim your Self and your dreams. You’ll recover your leadership and, on the way with that, your life.


To your authentic expression

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