Make a Living from Your Passion

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Apple creators, worked for months until they created a genial system that allowed any body to have and use a computer. Do you think they did it “because they had to”? Or because they “should be doing it”? Do you think they knew exactly how to do it when they began? They did it because they were passionate about the idea, and for sure they enjoyed and celebrated every improvement and success they achieved. And if you make a little research you’ll also find a lot of helpful failures in their history. You know the success they achieved and the dimension of Apple today.


The common factor of the great advances and discoveries in the world is the commitment with their passion of their inventors and discoverers.

Imagine for a moment you go to a shop to buy some clothes. The shop assistant asks you what do you want and brings you what you ask for. Then you go another shop and the shop assistant comes with a smile and asks you if she can help. She brings you what you ask for, suggests other options she considers you may like, pays attention to your feedback, grasps your style and assesses you, because she loves that the clients go out smart and beautiful from her shop. Which shop will you come back?

When we devote ourselves to what comes from inside, to what we’re passionate about, all our work oozes that energy. We devote our gifts to serve others, as we enjoy because we love what we do!! To make it even better, we earn money for something we love to do and it’s so easy!!

Probably it’s here were we stumble. We have in our heads that working is something we have to do to make a living through effort. Often we can’t believe that something “so easy” can have any value, and even less get paid for it!

Wake up! This is easy and nice FOR YOU!! The rest of us need your help with that!


Your gifts, the things you love, the things you could be doing all day, is what we all need you to do!!

I can motivate you and inspire you, I can help you make your dreams come true. But I hardly now how to make a salad. I need you to teach me to cook! Or, when it comes to go shopping, gosh, I’d pay for somebody that loves shopping to assess me to end up smart and beautiful every day!

Whatever it is you’re passionate about, bring your gifts to the world. Share them! And make a living doing what comes from your heart, because that’s what you do the best!


Why making a living from your passion?

 When we give up receiving from what we can contribute, we also renounce to a part of its value, our value. Your soul, each soul, brings some gifts to express, share and help in this life. Diminish your gifts is like despising your soul.

Making a living from them is good. It pushes us further in our path and our growth. First, because we feel the value of what we have, of what we are. Second, because the joy and fulfillment of doing what we love makes it easier to keep growing, and this way we contribute more, we make a better world.


Can you imagine a life where you wake up in the morning to do what you love to do?

Make it real!


To your authentic expression,


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