Feel Alive

There are times when everything seems to go wrong and all kinds of awful things seem to hit you at the same time. Small problems become hard to solve, every small detail goes wrong and needs fixing, things that were sure suddenly just keep going wrong, people let us down and even the car stops working properly. What can we do? How can everything have gone wrong at the same time? Why is everything suddenly difficult?


Life has strange ways of showing us that we have gone out the way, but it is always a faithful mirror.

Have you stopped to have a look at yourself? How do you feel at the moment? Probably you will be feeling disgusted by this and that but, deep down in your guts, how do you feel?

Disappointment, sadness, anguish, conflict, emptiness, heartbreak, just to mention a few. It is good to have a look at our gut feelings and give them a name. Just knowing what is going on is reassuring, and then we can work on it. That might take some time, and we keep feeling bad and keep attracting all sorts of disgusting things. From that point it is so difficult to move on.

 What has happened? We have forgotten to feel alive. We have given away the power of our own wellbeing to external forces.


Remember to Feel You


Do you remember seeing a beautiful landscape and feeling that the world is amazing

Listening to music and feeling a hundred horses running in your heart?

When that breath of air kissed your cheek on a summer evening and life was beautiful?

Do you remember feeling your soul dancing inside you?


Nobody, and nothing, can give those feelings to you, and nobody, and nothing, can take them away from you.

So when things go wrong remember who you are. Find the places that touch your soul. Sing an everlasting love song to your heart! Do the things that nurture your life. Spoil your body with tenderness. And, even from those feelings of sadness, love yourself.

When you are in touch with yourself, when you are faithful to yourself, nothing will go wrong anymore, even though things may change. Everything will fall into place and life will become a gentle flow along the way. As you move, things will flow with you.


When things go wrong, feel alive.


To your authentic expression,


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Hola, soy Marta Ayuso, coach transformacional. Estoy aquí para ayudarte a sacar a la luz la mujer increíblemente brillante que eres - y a conseguir de paso tu Vida perfecta. Puedes leer más sobre mi aquí.

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