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A few days ago a client was telling me about her depression, about her lack of hopes and dreams. Looking back on her immediate past we quickly found that this lack of dreams was not as real or as old as it seemed. She had had her dreams – some small, some big. We discovered that one by one she had dismissed them all for being too difficult, too inconvenient, too selfish or too tiring. Strange reasons to hear from the outside – relative to her dreams – but all of them real enough in her thinking.

The truth is that every dream is a source of inspiration, a gift from the heart and the soul.

If we respond with arguments and with fears, the inspiration dies and disappears.

Inspiration and dreams are ethereal and subtle, something easy to manipulate and leave behind. Mental reasoning – fixated on its need for certainty and security – will find an infinite number of ways to distort them.

It’s also true that what gives us authentic inner strength and energy is the bringing to light of our dreams and our inspirations. They may be small things that please the senses. Or they may be bigger things that construct a path.


Dream. Choice. Growth.

Giving life to a dream isn’t always easy. On many occasions the dream, the inspiration, forces us into unknown places and new challenges. To make a dream come true it’s often necessary to move outside the limits of what is comfortable and known to us. Many times it implies doing something unusual, which scares us or makes us feel ashamed.

On the other hand, each step we take out of our comfort zone makes us grow, gives us new security and confidence, pushes back our boundaries and fills us with satisfaction. This is how we turn our life into a satisfying and enriching journey.

The case of my client is common, sadly. Dreams, whether big or small, that have been dismissed one after the other, cause a lack of energy, paralysis, heaviness, and above all a sadness and an emptiness.

Challenges wouldn’t be challenges if they were easy. Growth wouldn’t be growth if we remained in the same place as where we began. Any leap, long or short, implies a moment when we have to take both feet off the ground and many times it implies the release of tightly-held beliefs.

As always, the decision is ours. We choose.

Do we want to drown or do we want to expand?


To your authentic expression,


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