Bring Your Gifts to the World

This is not a flourished or poetical article. This is a manifesto.


Honor Your Core Talents


Each and everyone of us has talents (and not just one, but a combination of them) that make us unique and special. I positively believe that the expression of this gifts bring us fulfilment, makes us feel alive and gives sense to daily life. And I don’t mean just mental or psychomotor talents. I’m talking especially about those ones that we have inside, linked to what we really are in the end.

I also am aware of the fact that few people have been encouraged to identify their talents. That doesn’t mean we don’t express any of them. In many occasions some of our gifts, normally the one that fits what our environment values, can come out to light and apply in some area of our life. But, in general, many of them are left ignored and hidden, or come out in distorted ways. As unbelievable as it can seem, we don’t use to open them the doors to expression, because they demand faith, changes and believe in ourselves.


Express Your Self. Express your Gifts.


To live expressing our gifts connects us with what is authentic in ourselves. In personal relations, in hobbies, at work and at leisure.

I wish we all would know our talents. Those ones that make us feel deeply touched when someone else recognise in us, because we feel they’ve really seen us. My dream is a world where people are aware of our gifts and we live expressing them, expressing our potential. The magic lies in that we all are different, and we can live in a world where we have everything and at the same time everybody is profoundly satisfied with their own life.

Which are your talents? In which area of life do you manifest them? Don’t you know? Take a look at what do you do that is completely spontaneous and at the same time you love to do and makes you feel so good. Bring your attention to that. Be aware of your gifts. Search for the rest of them that are hidden. What would you love to do? Dream!

And then, make them possible.


To your authentic expression,


About the Author

Hola, soy Marta Ayuso, coach transformacional. Estoy aquí para ayudarte a sacar a la luz la mujer increíblemente brillante que eres - y a conseguir de paso tu Vida perfecta. Puedes leer más sobre mi aquí.

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