About Purpose and Responsibility

I’ve been (many people has been) talking a lot about purpose, about making a difference, and how that can help you find your place, feel great and earn good money while you feel you’re not working at all.

All of that is true and fine but at this point, I want to address a different aspect of purpose. I’m going to be the grit in your shoe today.

That something that makes you special, that thing which you can do, is a piece in a bigger jigsaw puzzle. Each one of us has a work to do. A work that will fulfil us as we take our place in a bigger system that runs in a very different paradigm than the one that rules us today.


About Purpose, the System, and the New Paradigm


You have something to do that fits in this human ecosystem that works in harmony with all the rest of earth’s ecosystems, with Earth itself. You don’t need to understand how your thing fits in that system, just as a heart’s cell has no idea why it is doing its job. That cell just does what it’s meant to do because it’s designed to do it. And it keeps you alive.

Doing your thing will bring you the meaning of life and the fulfilment and the feeling that you’ve found your place while you are brilliant at what you do, but at the same time you’ll be doing your job in the bigger system and you will be allowing it to function correctly. Without you, the system won’t be complete. And a system, it needs all its pieces to work correctly.

See the bigger picture. It can help you understand the reason of your weird calling. It can make you feel safer because there is a reason and a meaning for this all, and it’s meant to be all right. It’s all right when you find your place, because the bigger system is designed to support you in your purpose but at the same time, for you to find your place is required for the system to work fine, and for the rest of us to have what you can actually contribute.

So when you face the fears, the challenges of taking your new way and bring your core project through, you may consider that it is not just for you. Maybe it is less about you than you think. Maybe it is even your responsibility to do it.

Never do it just because of that. Never do anything because “you have to”. That’s old paradigm, and it doesn’t work.


But follow your heart, your inner voice, your weird feelings and bring your thing to this world. We all need it!


To your authentic expression

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Hola, soy Marta Ayuso, coach transformacional. Estoy aquí para ayudarte a sacar a la luz la mujer increíblemente brillante que eres - y a conseguir de paso tu Vida perfecta. Puedes leer más sobre mi aquí.

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