Self Esteem

Ow .. well sang self esteem or shall we say lack of self esteem?

Let me brake a few old patterns..

Self esteem should be love of self, for what one self is.

What on earth can we love in ourselves when they’ve trained us to be not who we are, but how society and the system want us to be? How can we know who we are when what they have taught us and asked of us was to be how others want us to be and behave as other expect us to?


What Self Esteem Is Not


They educated us to fit in a mold, no matter our own shape. They broke in us insistently so we believed our value comes from what they think of us. Teachers evaluated us through questions they decided were important. Our parents gave us their support and affection if we behaved along their expectations. And so on.

So we tweaked and twisted to fit in the mold and get the support we needed to survive.

And then they come and tell us we have a low self esteem and that’s why things don’t work. But what can we love in us when there’s no much left of our original self? How can we love as “us” everything they instilled?

There is only one real way to self esteem: to know who you really are. Know how you really are. Then you can love yourself. It’s impossible to love what you don’t know, what you actually deny because it’s dangerous. Because if at some point you hid it was because it didn’t fit in, it was not desired by others so it was not good for you. And that’s how your brain has labeled it: as “not good”, just because maybe somebody didn’t pay attention a long time ago.


Just Be You


They only way to self esteem is self knowledge. To connect with our essence, with what we’ve got inside that’s truly ours. And then our self love just oozes from our heart, because we finally see ourselves.

What you’ve got inside is so valuable, just out of the charts. It will take you where you really want to go. It will help everyone around you. It will make you feel fulfilled, grateful, valuable. It will make you shine bright. It will contribute to the world.

Look for your jewels inside of you. Take them out of the depths and share them with the world.

You are so valuable just as you are, just as you really are.


To your authentic expression,


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