You Are Creating Your Life

Let’s see… you want your life to be like this, like that or some other way. Great!

First of all. Is that a dream? Ok, fine. All the big achievements begin with a dream. But let me share something that a wise person told me: to make a dream come true you have to believe it is possible, you have to bring it to the land of reality!

This is a subtle change. It’s a small ‘click’ in the mind that makes all the difference between daydreaming and making your dreams come true. Stop looking at it as an illusion and think about it as a goal. That’s it! You’re already half way towards it!

First, dream. Then believe it’s possible.

From this point on, don’t get flustered. Some goals are achievable straightaway. Some others need some ‘cooking time’. Others need to be approached in bite-sized steps. The only important thing is that you don’t stay still. Each day, each moment, ask yourself: does this choice get me closer to my goal? Is this option coherent with my goal?

In the end, it is just about being ourselves and being coherent. Our dreams and goals are completely legitimate (as long as we don’t want to hurt anybody!!!) and are born from a part of us that wants to express itself. But if we don’t bring them into our daily life, they’re going to stay there gathering dust.


Choice and action

You are creating your life and your future right now, with every choice you make, or you don’t make; with every action you take, or you don’t take. You are reading this, for example? This was a choice that contributes to your future, like each and every one of the choices you make!

On the other side, to get closer to your dream you need to take action. If you see the way clearly, go ahead! It will be fine for sure. If you don’t know how to approach it, ask yourself: which small thing could I do tomorrow that gets me closer to my goal? Make a list, if that’s necessary, and make small steps every day. Before you know it, you’ll be much closer to it than you’d ever imagine.


Dreams are amazing, and they are absolutely indispensable. But, once they are clear, there is nothing else to do but to make the step.


To your authentic expression,


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